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Cheerleading is a fantastic sport for boys and girls of all ages. It teaches numerous life skills such as team work, trust, commitment, and determination, as well as many physical skills such as gymnastics, dance and stunting.  The great thing about Cheerleading is you don’t have to excel in sports to shine due to the many skills that contribute to the sport.

Cheerleading in Schools


Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy are proud to announce our Schools Programme which will see various different schools across the county learn a bespoke routine including dance, jumps, stunts and gymnastics to a custom made, authentic cheerleading mix.


Classes will be run by fully qualified and insured coaches and all teams will have a full routine to showcase by the end of the programme at our Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy Schools Competition.  


We are opening this opportunity to all school children aged 4 years and older and require a minimum of 12 participants to form a team.


If this is something your school would like to be part of please get in touch today.

Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy - Schools Programme


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